I am younger in my dreams

Que reste-t-il de ces beaux jours?
Une photo, vieille photo
De ma jeunesse…

-Charles Trenet

I have found myself remembering my dreams more than usual lately, perhaps due to a few months of nightmares that I can’t seem to shake. Obvious ones come in the form of panicked work-dreams — heart-pounding anxiety dreams where I wake panting and needing a cool glass of water to calm me down. Others are more nebulous and unclear in their imagery. And then there are the ghosts.

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Brain Freeze

I have been thinking a lot recently about the optimal time in life to have one’s brain frozen with the hopes of having it revived in the future. Of course, the field of cryonics is still quite young, so the probability of having one’s brain revived from a frozen state any time in the near future is about as low as the detection of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe within the same limits (see this prior post, and this one), but that shouldn’t stop us from thinking about the particulars of the process. Continue reading “Brain Freeze”