Ondes Martenot

Employing code from:
Violent Theremin

# explanation


ruban - linear

ruban - log2

ruban - linear + sine

ruban - log2 ± random 10%

# explanation

The Ondes Martenot is one of the earliest electronic musical instruments. One eccentricity of the instrument is that it has two modes in which it can be played:

  1. au clavier -- using a standard piano-style keyboard, but with the quirk that the keyboard can be gently moved side to side to produce vibrato on notes. (Cool, right?)
  2. au ruban -- using a ring connected to a ribbon or wire. Sliding the ring to a point in front of a given key on the keyboard plays the corresponding tone.
It's this second mode that makes the instrument such a fascination for electronic instrument enthusiasts -- it's relatively easy to play in tune while at the same time being able to perform large tone sweeps characteristic of instruments like the theremin.

This demo uses a slider reminiscent of the ruban mode of the Ondes Martenot. But it does so in order to look at how frequency scales compared to perceived pitch class.

So, a little intro.

[In progress]...