Last Jedi / Pingback – *Spoilers!*

While watching The Last Jedi over break, I realized one of the major plot points relates to a blog post I made a while back.  Obvious spoilers, so only continue if you have seen the movie, or couldn’t care less.

The specific phenomenon has to do with this earlier post: I am younger in my dreams

There (as the title would suggest), I noted that in my dreams, I am not as old as I am in real-life.  I had a few vague hypotheses as to why, but nothing concrete, and I wondered whether this was widespread.

Well, another piece of evidence seems to come from the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise.  Luke — and here’s the spoiler bit (ahem — you were warned!)… When Luke is force-projecting himself onto the surface of the “totally-not-a-throwback-to-Hoth” salt-flats planet, he appears quite a bit younger than he actually is at that point in the film.  Notably, his hair and beard have that darker “Ronco Hair-in-a-can” look.  This would suggest that Luke’s self-perception, which is the mental image that he is projecting, is of a younger him.

Of course, the confounding question — was this a choice reflective of general human psychology (or whatever species of alien Luke actually is, in his galaxy far, far away)?  Or did Luke do this intentionally to appear most familiar to Kylo Ren, as that is how Ren would have last seen him?

Either way, a small detail that I thought was neat!

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