Tárrega, Estudio in mi menor – Bari Uke

I heard this on the radio and had to transcribe it.  It’s a gorgeous little study that sounds like a heart on the verge of breaking.  Such emotion!

I feel that my transcription has a few issues.  The same thing that vexed the Calatayud transcription vexes this one.  The small range of the baritone ukulele forces the some notes on top of each other, making for some difficult transcription decisions.  As you can see in the snippet to the right, a dotted half-note marks out the bassline.  Although in this measure, the note can ring for the entire measure, other measures find that note played over almost immediately.  I decided to leave these as dotted halves for conceptual reasons.

A different bari transcription I found on the web discards the bassline entirely to avoid these conflicts.  I think that was a poor choice, as the piece benefits immensely from having that extra harmony, particularly in the bridge.  Fingering can be a little awkward at times, but feel free to fake it or to adjust as you see fit to make it easier.  For example:

Measure 3: The dotted-half on the 4th fret can be happily played on the 2nd fret
Measure 10: I find the dotted-half (7th fret) is easily played with my thumb, while barre-ing 5 with my index finger

As always, transcription was done in the open-source WYSIWYG music notation editor MuseScore. The MuseScore file is in the .zip, so feel free to edit as you please!

Tarrega – Estudio en mi menor.pdf

.zip of .pdf & MuseScore file