Bach Cello Suite 1 – Bari Uke

Sheet MusicAs a hobby, I play the baritone ukulele.  I’m also a huge fan of Roger Ruthen’s site, pdf-minstrel, which has a large section of music transcribed for bari uke, including many classical and Renaissance pieces. Huge Fan!

There were some pieces that I felt were missing, though, so I decided to transcribe them for bari uke myself!  I’m currently working on transcribing (and memorizing) the six suites for cello by Johann Sebastian Bach.  So far, I’ve got the first suite done.  The transcriptions are done in the amazing open-source WYSIWYG music notation editor MuseScore, and I’ve included the MuseScore files in the .zip file in addition to the .pdfs in case you want to edit them yourself.  And you should!  Customize!  Personalize!  Play around!  MuseScore is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you have no excuse.


JS Bach – Cello Suite 1

.zip archive of all 6 pdfs and the original musescore files

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