Håfa adai!

I’ve been super busy over the last two years, so have basically ignored my webpage. What’s been going on?

It’s been my first two years as a new professor. Coming from a cognitive science department, I was faced with now putting together a lot of my core linguistics courses. Big, big time investment there. NSF Logo Plus, with Dr. Robert Underwood (prior president of the University of Guam, prior US Senator, member of the Kumision i Fino’ CHamoru, community leader, and all around great guy), put together and were awarded an NSF grant to document parts of the now endangered CHamoru language. There was advising grad students, the first of which, Fu’una Sanz, defended her masters thesis on ongoing changes in CHamoru plurality this past semester. Committees, business meetings, service, and all the rest. All while trying to get set up for my own research here and trying to discover the island, its people, and the culture here.

Not to mention a few typhoons and an ongoing pandemic.

There’s a bunch of stuff I need to update. Lots of things to discuss! Lots of things to fix on this site, including changes in how web-audio work that break some older demos. Updates forthcoming! Maybe some pictures, too!

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